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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

News Flash, no time off.......

My kids are both in school full time now. I spent many a pre-k days wiping buts and watching Dora reruns, praying for the day that both of my kids were in full time school.  I dreamt of going back to school, filing the "to be filed" box that is four years in the making, tanning, losing weight, getting a JOB and speaking to other adults on a regular basis. I had this crazy idea that I would have "time" for myself while the kids were in school.

News flash, nope, no time for me.

I'm sorry you need an extra roll of toilet
paper. We may need to discuss that?
I did start school online and but the majority of the time I'm still working towards the kids and mainly Jonathan's goals. Now, it's seems more than ever I've got my work cut out for me. Jonathan's inclusion classroom is being closed/cut. Our school
district has somehow screwed themselves monetarily and budget cuts are down to the marrow.

Inclusion is covered the IDEA act by the federal government but that isn't stopping our school board from cutting inclusion, eliminating teachers and aides and otherwise ignoring ESE student's rights. Worst of all the school's aren't telling parents. We were only told because our teacher understands the
commitment we have to our kids education.

So, where does all this drama and subversion put us? At school board meetings, at meetings with the Superintendent, writing letters to the Governor, posting online chat rooms, calling reporters, talking to other parents. It seems after the wedding, the universe decided I had a vacuum to fill.

As much a myth as June Cleaver!
So now during the day I try to accomplish these things along with all the regular mommy work and online schoolwork to be done. I handle EVERYTHING except making the money. With this school year nearly wrapping up I can count the days I've tanned, crocheted or done anything besides work towards one goal another on zero fingers.

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