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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The wedding update that wasn't (nobody really cares about the color of the napkins)

In my Linda's lament style handwriting my blog ideas stare up at me from my kids reused composition notebook. 1.) WEDDING UPDATE:  the title seems to glare up at me from the top of the page. If you read my blog you know that one of my first posts was was about our lack of funds to get hitched. The only real news about our wedding planning, is that there is no news, and truth be told that's good news! We were granted a stay of execution. In other words we got our venue to bump back the date to after our tax refund. That was a bullet dodge of Matrix proportions!

So I'd like to write about my brothers recent nuptials. The only other person on this earth with a nearly identical set of DNA to mine was lucky enough to find his mate. I'll admit that when I found out he was getting married BEFORE me, my little brother, I was jealous! That lasted all of five seconds and then the joy of his growth and happiness filled me with glee.

For his wedding, he gave us a wonderful gift. The gift of NOT traveling with my father and two children (yes that would be five passengers in a car designed to fit four). Even though he lives in Tallahassee Fl. he decided to have the wedding here (in central Fl.). He said it was a meeting point between all the guests, surrrrrrrrrrrreeee. All that meant for me was not having to take my Aspie dad, Autistic son, ADHD kid and PITA hubby on a four to six hour car ride. I all had to do was show up. The boys were even asked to be ring bearers. I thought that very brave of his honey, she is a speech pathologist. Side note, my kid with Autism that maintains ninja like silence when you think hes snuck out of the house but is really in the closet wouldn't shut up for my beloved brothers wedding, it was FUNNNN getting constant side glances from her granny.

Take away the "hilarity" of the Giraffe outfits and you've
got our drive up to Tallahassee
Since I live close to the venue and I'm (*sort of*) doing wedding research myself I expected many calls, but no, true to form my brother and his bride needed zero help from me. I was both thankful and sad that I couldn't be of more assistance.

The day came and the venue was beautiful. He had a sunset beach wedding. At the reception he and I spoke a bit. He told me how he'd built the arch way and the table toppers out of a neighbors bamboo and spare bike sprockets. He was very DYI before it was cool. He grabbed a napkin and said "everyone worries so much about the color of the napkins but who really cares now". I looked around, everything looked perfect and beautiful and no one was looking at the napkins.

I hope to take that lesson into my own wedding planning. I hope to remember it will be alright even if it isn't. I have a new wedding motto, "nobody really cares about the color of the napkins".

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