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Thursday, February 7, 2013

DEATH, TAXES, AUTISM, WEDDINGS (all of my favorites)

I'm feeling particularly icky this morning..............Anybody want to guess why. Autism/Wedding combo!

I'll give you a quick run down of the last few weeks. We are one of those earned income credit families. We make enough not to be technically below the poverty line, aka no food stamps or government cheese but not enough to handle an emergency car repairs or save for college. So every year we wait with baited breath for our W-2's to file for our big fat tax refund. Anticlimactically, we usually need it to pay bills.

This year we'd planned spending it on our long awaited wedding, the one I so elegantly bitched about here: This year, of course, is the year we're broke into a new tax bracket. We also claimed the kids on the W-2's so consequently we less got taken out all together which didn't help either. So we got back less than half of what we expected, epic fail :(

What does all this equal? It equals huge fights over even HAVING the wedding, gulp! Even after I've essentially cut our budget for the wedding in half, took on most of the duties myself (which was exactly what I didn't want to do), spent TOO much money and time on the things we have done, I was having a hard time convincing DH that we should go through with it. You see someone (hopefully I never find out who this person is or their eyeballs may meet with my kitchen forks) began telling DH to go to the justice of the peace and have a big party at our vow renewal in ten years.

Then I get this phone call:

Jonathan's Teacher: "Hi K, I have something I want to talk to you for Jonathan. I think we should retain him. The school is losing the upper inclusion classrooms next year."

Me: "What, why, that is exactly why we placed him there!" (we wanted the inclusion classrooms and knew he'd be held back this year).

JT: "There's no money and the gap between the NT kids and IEP gets wider as they get older. He may even need to go into  a full time ESE class."

That is the painfully paraphrased conversation I had two days ago. After that I couldn't help but think of my old boss who had an Autistic low functioning son who was turning 18. He was fighting for his son's guardianship rights. He said to me: "Why do they want so much paperwork so I can take care of my son?". I still feel the pang of heart break even recalling that poignant moment. Stripping his son's legal rights so that he could care for him was clearly heartbreaking but necessary.

Jonathan is seven, in ten years he'll be seventeen going on eighteen. In ten years we may facing the same heartbreaking choices my boss was making two years ago. Call me crazy but the idea of planning the grand vow renewal in the midst of that doesn't sound appealing. I know that is a possible outcome (one of many) and far off but the reality is we don't know where we're going to be in ten years. Whether I'm helping him fill out his college applications or applying for his guardianship we just can't know.

God help me, this wedding has got to get DONE!

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  1. There is a HUGE wealth gap from the top 2% to the 3% and this information is misinformed and ignorant. The entire working class of America receives around 3% of the wealth, while ONE RICH family receives MORE THAN 30% OF AMERICAS WEALTH! Corporations like GE DIDN'T PAY ANY TAXES ON OVER $100 BILLION! That's more tax than the working class creates. Centralized banking is the problem, which is why our forefathers who created this country had WAR on centralized banking. This country went to shit.